Piercing causes unnecessary damage to your ear tissues. It is difficult to effectively manage the sterilization of tools using plastic parts. A needle used for performing the piercing procedure has to be accurate and fully sterile. Efficient use of needle makes piercing less painful. Here, we will discuss some of the useful tips to take the best care of body piercing.

Be healthy

It is very important to stay on a healthy diet at the time of performing the piercing. Keep yourself properly hydrated. You need to take good care of the region that has pierced. Avoid sleeping, bumping, and snagging on freshly pierced region to avoid piercing pain. Ensure that you properly clean the region with water and soap solution two times a day.

Don’t apply alcohol as it makes the area dry. It is advised to keep that area open so that it heals quickly. Use oil-based soaps to properly clean the wound, and soften up the different healing tissues.

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Create a self-care routine

Don’t touch your piercing region with unwashed hands. Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before touching it. Also, moistening the pierced area with clean fingers will clean the area.

Be patient

It will take anywhere around 60 to 90 days to heal the pierced area. You will start to see the healing signs after 1 month. Some of them being stopped swelling, hurting, producing fluid and disappearance of redness.

For faster healing, it is advised to adopt a patient attitude. Adopting best hygiene, keeping yourself clean, eating healthy food, staying hydrated, etc. are some of the things that will assist in best aftercare.

What if you find discomfort in your piercing region?

If you find any signs of excessive swelling, radiating heat, redness, and production of fluid, then it implies irritation and not an infection. Don’t panic. You only need to remove your jewelry and visit your piercer and an experienced doctor.


Piercing is a very delicate task that needs proper execution and the best aftercare. All these tips help in executing piercing in a safe way. Not just it makes this process less painful, and highly efficient but quick to heal too.