Hair extensions are gaining popularity and are considered as a great fashion accessory for those who yearn for glamorous locks. We no more have to go through numerous hair treatments and end up damaging our hair in the quest to sport the celebrity hair style. These extensions are a quick solution to achieve the hair style and texture you desire.

Extensions for hair in Phoenix:

Extensions are made from human hair or synthetic materials. The ones made with human hair blend well with your hair and last up to a year. Synthetic ones are budget-friendly but aren’t as natural-looking as the former type and last only for a few months. Try the natural-looking and long-lasting hair extensions at Focal Point Salon and Spa, Phoenix.

The salon is popular among the locals for their top-quality hair and skin care treatments.  Schedule an appointment with their experienced hair stylists and let them pick the right choice of extensions for you.

Popular extension types:

There are a handful of extension choices. Each of them are made differently and come with different warranties. A hairdresser / hairstylist will let you know which works the best for you.

  • Clip-in: It involves strands of hair fixed to the hair using clips. Clip-ins is an easy solution for easy length and color change-up. They are easy to use, versatile and removable. They work great for those who change their hair style frequently but won’t be apt for those with thin and fine hair.
  • Fusion: Hairdressers use a glue gun to to glue pre-bonded extensions in place and it takes about 3 to 4 hours. Some wearers complain of headache for first few weeks.

  • Tape-in: Wefts of pre-taped hair are glued to the hair. Care should be taken when using conditioners so that the tape doesn’t slip off. Specialized shampoos and conditioners are recommended. They last up to 8 weeks.
  • Hand tied wefts: This one is labor intensive and ideal for people with thick and coarse hair. Multiple rows of wefts are hand sewn to beaded attachment points. They are lightweight, natural-looking, doesn’t require heat/glue but aren’t suitable for women with hair loss.
  • Micro link: Hair stylist uses small silicone-lined beads to affix small wefts of hair to your natural hair and it takes about 2 hours. It requires a proficient hairstylist to fix it in place else you run the risk of damaging your hair in the process.

Each extension type offers unique benefits and limitations. Make an informed decision with the help of your hair dresser.